Dental and Healthcare Recruiting

As an Oregon and Washington-licensed employment agency specializing in dental and medical recruiting, we assist dentists, doctors, healthcare administrators, practice managers and other employers who need to fill temporary or permanent positions. Using a state-of-the-art scheduling software and paging system, we evaluate your staffing needs and respond only with qualified candidates.


Our recruiting placement fees are based on the candidate’s experience and the position to be filled. Whether you’re seeking a permanent employee or have a temporary staffing emergency, as your dental staffing agency we can save you time and money by:

  • Personally interviewing all applicants
  • Thoroughly checking references
  • Conducting background checks and random drug tests
  • Advertising and screening for your exclusive position
  • Arranging personal or working interviews
  • Testing the applicant’s office skills
  • Providing paging services


Our temporary staffing services have employees ready around-the-clock, on a “24/7” basis for:

  • Vacation, sick leave or maternity leave replacements
  • Coverage during peak workloads
  • Staffing for special projects
  • Loss of a full-time employee

To request a professional for your needs, please contact our helpful and courteous staff.


Page us anytime. We’ll return your call within minutes to meet your immediate office staffing needs.