Everything you need to get started

  1. When offered an assignment, call immediately for directions and hours.
  2. Promptness is essential! Arrive to work and return from lunch on time.
  3. No personal telephone calls, unless absolutely essential.
  4. Dress neatly and appropriately
  5. Do not gossip or discuss your hourly rate.
  6. Call 503.618.TEMP immediately if you:
    • need a new assignment
    • are unable to report for an assignment
    • are asked to extend the length of an assignment
    • are asked to become a permanent employee
  7. Do not cancel an assignment unless it is a real emergency. We may not have time to assign a replacement.

There is no charge to applicants.

Simply fill out our online form and submit your application to begin.

Next Steps

Once you have submitted your application, skills checklist and forms, we will call you. After a brief interview, we will assist you in obtaining a permanent or temporary job in dentistry by arranging formal or working interviews.

Alternately, you can Email or fax your dental resume to 503.492.2545. We look forward to working with you!