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It’s Easy to Join Our Team

We offer a highly effective approach to those seeking careers in healthcare and dentistry. With us, you will interview only for jobs that match your experience, skills and career requirements. And there is no placement fee for you, the applicant!

As an Oregon and Washington-licensed employment agency, we have temporary and permanent openings for:

Temporary Assignments

Temporary assignments may provide you with a chance to improve your skills that often lead to a more challenging position at a higher rate of pay. Our goal is to place you in a satisfying work environment that will lead to exciting new employment opportunities.

See our Temporary Positions page here

Permanent Positions

There is no charge to applicants.

Simply fill out our online form and submit your application to begin.

Next Steps

Once you have submitted your application, skills checklist and forms, we will call you. After a brief interview, we will assist you in obtaining a permanent or temporary job in dentistry by arranging formal or working interviews.

Alternately, you can Email or fax your dental resume to 503.492.2545. We look forward to working with you!